Black Pearl is not just a rock band.  Black Pearl is a creative musical project comprised of top-notch musicians, songwriters, and technical staff with only one goal in mind; to create and record the most memorable and innovative rock music on the planet!


 Founded in 2008 by drummer/songwriter Eric Stevens, Eric was creating electrical drawings for Disneyland at the time when neighbor Cesar Sanchez suggested the name “Black Pearl”.  Hence the name Black Pearl was created for the project name.  “The Pearl” is a spin-off of the Inland Empire's local classic rockers, Daisycutter.  Motivated to get out of the local scene and take things to the next level, Stevens created "Black Pearl" with the intent of presenting a true classic rock show with great tunes and a stimulating live performance. With long time friend and songwriter, Tom Morrison, Stevens and Morrison have combined to create some truly inspiring and original sounding music. The rhythms and melodies are inspired by the best, such as the Beatles, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and The Who.