Black Pearl brings back "Classic Rock" the way it was meant to be played! With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to VanHalen to Genesis, The"Pearl" writes and plays unforgettable melodies that will stand the test of time.






         National recording artists, Black Pearl, bring back “Classic Rock” the way it was meant to be played. With influences from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen. The “Pearl” writes unforgettable songs that are backed by an incredibly high energy live show. Which they have proved time and again opening for such greats as, Sublime, Peter Frampton, Joe Cocker, Loverboy, Talas w Billy Sheehan, 3 Dog Night, Bullet Boys, Bang Tango, Duff Mckagen, Slash, Tommy Tutone, Babylon AD,  Spencer Davis, LA Guns, Metal Church, Overkill, Armored Saint, Nevermore, Wild Child, Mathew Fisher (Procal Harum), Ratt, Poison, and the Offspring. Their music incites images of mystery, excitement, adventure, and intrigue and their musicianship is second to none.
         Founded in 2007 by drummer/songwriter Eric Stevens, Black Pearl is a spin-off of the Inland Empire's local classic rockers, "Daisycutter". Motivated to get out of the local scene and take things to the next level, Stevens created "Black Pearl" with the intent of presenting a true classic rock show with great tunes and a stimulating live performance. With long time friend and songwriter, Tom Morrison, Stevens and Morrison have combined to create some truly inspiring and original sounding music. The rhythms and melodies are inspired by the best, such as the Beatles, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and The Who.


        The new line-up for 2018 includes Eric Stevens, Grammy winner Phil Naro, Adam Morse and Rick “The Ace” Ventura.