Your video is pretty damn impressive. I don’t know anything about what is required technically to produce something like that, but it can’t be easy. Thematically, I thought both the song and the images were about the most even-handed treatment of the subject matter I have seen. It’s balanced and encompassing. Congrats!

Very good lyrics and music, will be played on Veterans Families Radio VFRADIO LTD this is a good example of the music we like to promote, well done.

Great Rock track,And yes!! I will be airing this song in upcoming programs,Thanks.Tecka You can get my weekly (2) programs here 24/7

BP Fan from Riverside
Catchy HIT!
This is their BEST song yet. The singer is strong, the guitar player is awesome. Hope they keep on rockin' . Looking forward to more from Black Pearl.


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We thought your track had rousing energy that moved us as listeners. You sound confident in your musical skills and the parts you're playing.

Instruments - Lead


We felt the instrumental leads on this track were tuneful, interesting and well-articulated. There's no overplaying here, and nothing

seems to be lacking either. Spot on.

Instruments - Rhythm

We think your rhythmic elements on this release can hang with the best of them. Tight, clean and interesting playing.

We Come To Rock

IM Radio

Review: This is cool,good luck with this one!!!

Hi Black Pearl, I'm glad that Broadjam turned IMRadio on to you.  We would be honored to air your amazing music here on our new radio station at:  We'd be proud to have a few of your outstanding original songs in our radio rotation.

Wow! You guys are really good.

We will definitely play your music on our show!

Dom, Co-host Maximum Threshold Radio Show

Fun track! The vocals are sung with all the right amounts of "sass". The band as a whole is tight and full of energy and feel, with a structure that's dynamically expressive.

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